• Nature cat 1998

    BUT IT MAKES NO SENSE! Doki Season 2 was in widescreen already, and now Season 1 is too. It's okay. But Harry and his Bucket Full of Dinosaurs was in widescreen too, it's not okay! Because of that, Pecola and Qubo's new shows are in widescreen! What if all of Qubo's shows become widescreen? Then the videos in standard format from qubo will have a small space to watch! Also, they made Willa's Wild Life come back and then go away! What's going on there? Why is Qubo becoming Widebo? Widebo is a joke. They are playing rare promos though, I saw Sidekick and made a video on Vimeo. And I also saw Cyberchase (witch isn't on there yet!) and Scaredy Squirrel. I've got all the videos non vimeo (okay the Cyberchase one is fake). But Jakers was in Stan…

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  • Sweetpea18

    Qubo Kids Ask Me

    December 25, 2017 by Sweetpea18

    Ask Me is a 1 minute or less commercial airing on Qubo. It is about lively preschool agedkids answering questions. This is also labeled as a commercial break for young children.

    Many children who are Qubo fans would enjoy this short preschool add break. It was first aired in Sep. 2004, and made episodes such as (I.e) " How do you build a fort" and many more.

    It has been showing the same episodes, since these commercials were so very long ago, they could have took it off air all together as of 2017. But, this preschool old break is cool for kids and tells them what the world is about and other children with other thoughts and opinions. This is funded by Qubo to keep it running, by a very low budget.

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  • Uncle Klunk
    Guys, They are adding non-Qubo shows to the photo gallery! Read more >
  • PBS Kids! Fan

    I do not care for that STUPID GAME! I can't belive THE..STAMPY...CAT can even stand it! Petra has no pants! EW! Also she's always like this: "Take that back! Take that back!" and she only cares about friends instead of the MOST IMPORTANT THING: the amulet! Jesse goes and saves the amulet instead of helping friends and she yells, "What were you thinking? You don't just go off saving that STUPID 'trinket' instead of helping friends!" Stupid is a bad word. Also AN IMPORTANT AMULET is not a trinket. And she pushes her BEST FRIEND!!!!!!! Plus, I can't stand her TERRIFYING voice. She sounds like a boy. Plus, BANDANAS WERE NEVER MEANT TO WEAR ON YOUR HEAD, just tied around your neck. Petra does the COMPLETE OPPISITE. She always wears this dumb b…

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