One day, Alfred was watching Jasper. "You know what, Jasper?" said Al. "I'm sick of you being barefoot." "You'll blow a head gasket, Al." said Jasper. Alfred walked off. "How can I stop Jasper from being barefoot all the time?" he said to himself. "Time to use my hedgehog brain." so he thought really hard, finally he shouted "THAT'S IT! I'll make him wear sandals." He ran to his secret labratory. He took some rusty old sandals and shrank them in the shrink-o-matic. Then he dyed the sandals in some paint. Then Alfred went back to the park and scribbled some signs on small pices of cardboard and planted them on the ground to the hollow tree. Then he waited for Jasper to come. When Jasper finally arrived, he saw the signs that said THIS WAY TO THE HOLLOW TREE.He slowly followed the signs and finally reached the entrance of the hollow tree. When he saw the sandals, he also saw a sign pointing to them that said PUT ON THE SANDALS. So Jasper, who was a little reluctant, slipped on the sandals. Suddenly, "YEE! Hoo-hoo-hoo-hooo!" Jasper felt how cold the sandals were. "Hee-hee-hee-hoo-hoo-hoo!" He dashed down the tree. "YAH-ha-ha-ha-ha!" Alfred chuckled when Jasper ran by exclaiming "Yee! yee! Hoo hoo! Haaaaaa!" "You gotta love the Cold Wet Sandals Dance." Alfred said to himself. The next day Pearlie and Opal were having a discussion. "Yesterday I saw Jasper dashing like crazy making weird 'yee yee' noises." said Pearlie. "I saw him too." said Opal. "I tried to figure out what was wrong with Jasp when I realized something. But I don't know what it was." Suddenly, Fern appeared and told them "Listen up, girls. I just saw Jasper. He's up at the hollow tree wearing the most wonderful sandals you've ever seen." In the end, Jasper learned a lesson indeed. He loves the sunset, playing his bongo drums, and he REALLY loves wearing sandals.